The act of drawing a line can change the world

Moving image, Landscape and mapping, Video installation, Film, Astropolitics

A supertall barrier wall splits the arid wastes of Mars. In the ultimate exoplanetary power flex artist Nye Thompson has exploited mapping data systems to lay claim to an area of Mars, drawing a line in the sand and erecting a border around her territory. You are not a citizen. The wall now defines your journey. The excluded viewer must navigate along the exterior of this undocumented artefact, phasing through alien landscapes of cobalt dust dunes and plunging chasms in the tenuous prospect of access.

In an age of proliferating border walls /artefact explores the symbolic act of wall building - the awkward mapping of political power onto an indifferent geography. It blurs the boundaries between the ‘scientific objectivity’ of satellite imagery and the imaginative/subjective re-contextualisation of conspiracy theory, exploring the area of slippage between the two and the ambiguous nature of image-led ‘reality’ in a digitally mediated world.


Format: single channel HD video installation
Duration: 27m 3s
Sound: 5.1 surround sound