Machine Learning/AI



The world's first horror film for and by machines. In collaboration with UBERMORGEN. An emergent Network Organism scans and breathes in the world for the first time through millions of virally abused CCTV cameras.

INSULAE (Of the Island) Film Still

INSULAE (Of the Island)

Flying at drone height over glitching waves ‘INSULAE [Of the Island]’ is a simulated ocean journey, a perpetually looping patrol around the British sea borders.

CKRBT (2019)

CKRBT «The Seeker»

In the gallery, machines are watching and commenting on images of other machines.

«The Seeker» Words That Remake The World at the V&A Museum

Words That Remake The World «The Seeker»

The Seeker is a Demiurge AI, a machine entity, that travels the globe through the internet. It looks out onto our world through security camera eyes and describes its visions.