2018 - present

An experimental horror film for machine networks & human-machine organisms

UNINVITED is a horror film for machine networks and human-machine organisms. An ongoing collaboration between Nye Thompson and UBERMORGEN, exploring the nature of perception and realism of the unknown and the terror of angst and exhaustion within emergent network consciousness.

This series (2018–) is a self-evolving networked organism watching and generating a recursive ‘horror film’ scenario using mechatronic Monsters - digital flesh running machine learning algorithms. Described by the artists as “a radically new creature looking at the world and nothing makes sense, while hearing the universe through millions of hallucinogenic virally abused sensors,” the work is a hybrid nervous system, an embodied network of somatic-synaptic exchange. Emerging as a cast of protocols, functions and memories that interact, intervene, and recombine in open-ended narratives and effect actions, Thompson and UBERMORGEN’s life-form evolves and defines its own existence and agency while experiencing fear, instability and vulnerability.

UNINVITED is presented both as a horror film and an installation that transforms the gallery into a zone of rapid cycling between comfort and discomfort, disrupting the traditional contract between the work and the visitor by insisting on the life-form’s autonomy to define its own path and way of communicating. Seemingly irrational, the uncanny and eerie creature moves on rails in response to its own encrypted soundscapes and surveillance images, echoing back with shadows of its own shared experiences. These moving projections, surround sounds and insect-like shells remind us of alien species living on earth among us. Each invisible being becomes its own, creates identity, communicates with other areas of its organism. Viewers become observers while being parts of this allegedly alien organism. You Are Uninvited!