Moving image, Film, Artificial intelligences, Machine performances, Bespoke Software Architecture, Digital Video

The World’s First AI Horror Film for Machines.

UNINVITED is a horror film for machine networks and human-machine organisms. An ongoing collaboration between Nye Thompson and UBERMORGEN, exploring a hostile world from the perspective of an emergent network consciousness.

An emergent Network Organism scans and breathes in the world for the first time through millions of virally abused CCTV cameras. Zoom. Enhance. Rekognise. Fear. Nothing makes sense. Data cannot be (p)arsed. Machine Learning Nothing. Hallucinogenic and locked down, vulnerable and oscillating between instability, lust, and aggression the Monster strains to define its own existence and distributed agency. Birth of a nation and auto-requiem. And you are, Uninvited.

Single channel HD video (13m 34s) Stereo Sound

Modus 1 of 5: excerpt from the full film