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20 APR 2023. Returning to the UK with a ground-breaking new solo exhibition at East Quay in Watchet, Somerset, internationally-acclaimed artist Nye Thompson presents Vertigo which will open our eyes to the world of surveillance, satellites, and the new frontier–space. Vertigo is Nye Thompson’s biggest solo show to date and will present two major projects including the world premiere of a new performance piece CU Soon and a reprise of the 2019 video installation INSULAE (Of the Island).Press release

New solo show Vertigo opens 20 May 2023

05 APR 2023. Nye's new solo show Vertigo will be at East Quay in Watchet, Somerset from 20 May to 3 Sep. This exhibition is in partnership with Lumen Art Projects. More info

Nye awarded Art Council England Projects Grant

28 MAR 2023. This award will support a range of activities and events in parallel with Nye's forthcoming solo show Vertigo at East Quay, Watchet.

Nye Shortlisted for The Art Foundation Futures Awards

05 JAN 2023. The annual Arts Foundation Futures Awards support the UK’s most promising artists and creatives at a pivotal moment in their career. Press Release

UNINVITED at Creative Machine

08 SEP 2022. Thompson & UBERMORGEN's Lumen gold Award-winning horror film for machine will be screened as part of Creative Machine this year. Creative Machine is an annual Symposium on AI, VR and Robotics in the Arts held at Goldsmiths College More info

Satellite Watching Event

23 AUG 2022. On the evening of 23 August Nye Thompson and Mostyn Gallery invite you to join us in a mass remote satellite watching event. Just step out into your garden or local open space and look up at the skies. No special equipment needed. More info

New commission: The Time Before The Fire

17 AUG 2022. The Time Before The Fire is a new online residency by UK based artist Nye Thompson. For this commission, Thompson will present ongoing research alongside new work that looks at power, surveillance and machine agency through the discrete constellations of ghost satellites that inhabit the upper atmosphere. Visit the project

Nye Thompson and Prof Lucie Green: Artist in conversation

16 AUG 2022. An online discussion with artist Nye Thompson and Prof. Lucie Green to launch Nye's new online commission from Mostyn Gallery The Time Before The Fire. Get tickets

Second UNINVITED Triptych Drops

14 JUL 2022. Nye Thompson & UBERMORGEN dropped their second NFT Triptych from their award-winning film UNINVITED. The Triptych UNINVITED STILLS: Courtship is released in partneship with View the collection

UNINVITED at EXIS Film Festival in South Korea

01 JUL 2022. UNINVITED will be presented at EXIS in Seoul, South Korea's premier experimental film festival. The film was selected from over 1400 entries, to be screened in the EX-NOW International Competition. The festival takes place 14 - 21 July 2022 More info


01 NOV 2021. Nye Thompson & UBERMORGEN dropped the first in a series on NFTs based on their award-winning film UNINVITED. The triptych UNINVITED STILLS: Fight/Flight was released as part of a collection curated by View the collection

UNINVITED wins Lumen Prize Gold Award 2021

21 OCT 2021. The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology awarded its coveted Gold Award with a cash prize of US$4,000 to UK artist Nye Thompson and UBERMORGEN for UNINVITED, the world’s first horror movie for and by machines. Press release

UNINVITED shortlisted for Lumen Prize 2021

22 SEP 2021. UNINVITED has been shortlisted for the 2021 Lumen Prize, in the Moving Image category. This global prize celebrates art created with technology. More details

INSULAE in spectacular outdoor exhibition in the heart of Athens

05 JUL 2021. INSULAE is part of 'YOU AND AI: THROUGH THE ALGORITHMIC LENS' a major international survey of AI exloring how algorithmic systems impact and reshape society. The exhibition is part of a festival by Onassis Stegi and curated by FutureEverything. Press release

UNINVITED to be screened at the Louvre

23 FEB 2021. UNINVITED has been selected for screening at Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin 2021, the international festival dedicated to the contemporary practices of the moving image, which offers a space to discover and reflect upon new cinema and contemporary art. On 24 Feb 2021 the film will be screened live in the Louvre as well as online, along with presentations from Nye Thompson and UBERMORGEN Screening link

Her Art Story Talks

26 JAN 2021. As part of the Her Art Story series of converstations between female artists, curators and gallery, artist Nye Thompson and curator Irini Papadimitriou discuss collaboration, data-generated art, software systems and the machine gaze. Watch the video

UNINVITED reviewed in Flash Art

18 JAN 2021. "With its dystopian tenor almost bleeding into science fiction, the work presents nightmare as fact, harnessing the unease associated with autonomous intelligent systems, machine consciousness, and surveillance." UNINVITED at Furtherfield Gallery is reviewed by Beth Jochim for Flash Art Read the article

Borders on Mars

23 OCT 2020. '/artefact' a new video installation by Nye Thompson launches as lead artwork in Biennial Moving Image Festival 'Visions in the Nunnery'. '/artefact' will be on display in London until Nov 15. Press release

INSULAE part of the Barbican's re-opening programme

08 SEP 2020. Nye Thompson's video installation INSULAE (Of the Island) is coming back to the Barbican. It will be presented across 3 floors as part of the Level G re-opening. INSULAE goes live on 1 October 2020 and will be on display until Spring 2021. More information - Watch the trailer

"NYE THOMPSON, affectivity of the artificially intelligent entity"

22 JUN 2020. CLOT Magazine interviews Nye Thompson Read the article

INSULAE (Of the Island) : Remastered Version released for Home Viewing

25 APR 2020. A full 23 min excerpt from Nye Thompson's 6 hour video installation INSULAE (Of the Island), remastered specially for single screen viewing. The full installation loops around the entire island of Great Britain. This excerpt shows one segment of the work - the Sea Area of Irish Sea, off the Welsh coast. Watch the video

Lead Artist for international moving image showcase “Visions in the Nunnery”

06 APR 2020. “Technical innovator Nye Thompson is our second lead artist for ‘Visions in the Nunnery’. Visions is Bow Arts’ biennial showcase of international moving image, digital installation and performance art” More information

ELEPHANT: Art Stars Who Should Be on Your Radar

12 MAR 2020. “From building a photography career via Instagram to combining pop-art abstraction with a post-digital aesthetic, these essential artists are tearing up the art history canon.” ELEPHANT Magazine Issue 42 includes Nye Thompson in their list of Art Stars. Read the article

New commission /artefact for The Lowry’s WEEK 53 Festival

29 JAN 2020. The Lowry have commissioned Nye Thompson to create a brand new piece of work for their biennial arts festival WEEK 53. A massive wall of unknown origin has appeared on Mars. Thompson’s new work ‘/artefact’ is an immersive video installation that takes the viewer on a hypnotic visual journey along this newly-exposed structure and the surrounding Martian landscape. More information

‘«The Seeker» Words That Remake The World’ to be acquired by the V&A Museum

25 OCT 2019. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London – the world’s leading museum of art and design – are delighted to be adding Nye Thompson’s versioned drawing ‘«The Seeker» Words That Remake The World’ to their permanent collection. Press release

The Rapoport Award for Women in Art & Technology 2019

04 SEP 2019. Nye is one of five Lumen Prize finalists to be shortlisted for the The Rapoport Award for Women in Art and Technology. Press release

Lumen Prize shortlist 2019

01 SEP 2019. Nye Thompson has been listed for the Lumen Prize 2019 in the Still Image category for her drawing installation Words That Remake The World «The Seeker» Press release

INSULAE selected for Bow Arts Open 2019

20 AUG 2019. The 2019 Bow Open Show, curated by Carey Young will be on at the Nunnery Gallery, London from Friday, September 27, 2019 to Sunday, December 15, 2019. Works have been chosen that respond to “our current political moment”, poignantly and critically addressing some of today’s most pressing cultural conversations. Press release

The Seeker at Ars Electronica 2019

14 AUG 2019. Thompson’s drawing installation from The Seeker project will be shown at Ars Electronica 2019. Nye will also be taking part in the Future Innovators Summit during the festival. More information about FIS

ElectoPutere AIR 2019 Artist Residency

Club ElectroPutere is pleased to announce the launch of the 2019 edition of Electroputere AIR artist residence. Mihaela Varzari (RO/UK), the curator of this edition, invited the artist Beatrice Loft Schultz (UK) and the artistic duo UBERMORGEN (AT/DE) to spend July and August of 2019, in Craiova and Bucharest undergoing research. As part of their artistic research, UBERMORGEN will be joined by the artists Nye Thompson (UK) and Zenk the Henk alias Alexander Zenke (AT/GR). Press release

Simple software project management for artists – a Guide

12 JUL 2019. I have shared some of the ideas that I initially learned while working in software development and which I have modified to help me deliver software-based artwork. Get the Guide

“The Seeker, Demiurge or spy?” The Seeker reviewed by Neural

19 JUN 2019. Philosophy, mythology, fantasy and ancient cultures from around the world are steeped in stories and figures that are often similar to one other. Full article

Interview with Studio International: ‘The bots are actually the primary audience for the show’

15 MAY 2019. In her project The Seeker, a system of machines looking at images on screen, analysing them and whispering to one other, we humans are merely peripheral intrusions, says Thompson. It’s scary, but exciting. Full article

Watermans Gallery presents “CKRBT” a new solo show by Nye Thompson

22 MAR 2019. Machines are watching and interpreting images that are captured by algorithms operating other machines that are seemingly watching the world on our behalf. Nye Thompson’s new solo show CKRBT explores the emergent machine gaze and the unseen power structures that underpin it. CKRBT will be at Watermans Gallery in London until 26 May 2019. Press release. Exhibition guide.

“Words that Remake the World «The Seeker»” at Printemps Numérique, Brussels

22 MAR 2019. The exhibition Don’t Be Evil is being held at the Printemps Numérique festival for digital culture initiated by the Brussels Government. The event will take place at the prestigious new museum Kanal – Centre Pompidou and is organised by The festival addresses the influence of Artificial intelligence [AI] on our society and our daily experience. AI has many applications in today’s society.Tomorrow, it will play a role in sensitive decisions, such as granting bank loans, medical diagnoses and piloting self-driving cars. If AI is the dream, it also raises numerous questions. What should we do when it’s impossible to explain the reasoning behind these algorithms’ decisions? More information

New video installation “INSULAE (Of The Island)” goes live at the Barbican as part of Sky Arts’ Art 50

23 FEB 2019. Nye Thompson’s new video installation INSULAE (Of The Island) goes live at the Barbican as part of Sky Arts’ Art 50, a major cultural programme examining British identity today. Flying at drone height over digitally rendered waves, INSULAE contemplates the impact of island geography on national identity in a perpetually looping virtual tour of the waters just off the British mainland. With the ocean as a metaphorical buffer between the UK and the rest of the world, we are taken on a lonely journey endlessly patrolling our watery borders. The video installation which was a joint commission between Sky Arts 50, the Barbican Centre and Lumen Arts Projects will be shown in the Barbican Level G until May 2019. More information

Living with the Internet of Things at Tate Exchange

8 FEB 2019. Exploring how the Internet of Things is affecting our lives, and how it will influence our futures – at home, at work and in our environment, Tate Exchange are holding a 2 day public event at Tate Modern. As part of this event, artist Nye Thompson will be presenting her work and undertaking a live collaborative drawing performance. More information

Nye Thompson awarded public commission on the theme of British national identity post-Brexit

17 JAN 2019. Sky Arts 50, The Barbican and Lumen Art Projects have selected Lumen Prize 2018 finalist Nye Thompson for a new public video commission to be shown as part of the Barbican’s ‘Level G’ public programme. Nye’s proposal for a video installation she is calling INSULAE was selected from a shortlist of Lumen Prize finalists. Flying low over digitally rendered waves, Nye Thompson’s video installation will explore the impact of island geography on national identity in a perpetually looping Google Earth tour of the British coastline. More information

First release of “Uninvited”, a new film collaboration with UBERMORGEN

7 JAN 2019. Uninvited is a horror film for machine networks and human-machine organisms. This short film is the first release from a new collaboration between Nye Thompson and UBERMORGEN, exploring the nature of perception and realism of the unknown and the terror of angst & exhaustion within emergent network consciousness. The film was shown in Wei-Ling Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. More information

Projects Grant award from Arts Council England

16 DEC 2018. Arts Council England have awarded Nye Thompson a Projects Grant to support the development of her forthcoming solo show CKRBT. CKRBT will be presented at Watermans Gallery, London in Spring 2019.

“Words that Remake the World «The Seeker»” at Creative Machine 2, Goldsmiths

1 NOV 2019. More information

Nye Thompson guest presenter for BBC’s “The Art of Now: Surveillance”

23 SEP 2018. BBC Radio 4’s documentary series The Art of Now looks at contemporary art movements across the globe. Their new episode The Art of Now: Surveillance with guest presenter Nye Thompson is now available. Nye Thompson’s new installation finds unsecured video streams and interprets them with AI. Inspired by this, she explores the role of the artist in our world of mass surveillance. Listen now

Nye Thompson finalist in Lumen Prize 2018

01 SEP 2018. Nye Thompson is a finalist for the international Lumen Prize for Art and Technology. Her work on surveillance and insecurity Backdoored was shortlisted for the Interactive/3D category.

“Words that Remake the World «The Seeker»” at Artificially Intelligent, V&A Museum

28 AUG 2018. More information

“Words that Remake the World «The Seeker»” at Open Codes 2, ZKM Karlsruhe

01 AUG 2018. More information